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Yes, it’s the United Nations, and yes it solves problems. But how? Going into your first conference, you might think that the UN is the governing body of the world and that it creates laws which countries have to abide by. In reality, most of the actions taken in the UN are non-binding, and countries can’t be forced to follow every resolution. The UN consists of various committees where delegates represent their countries’ policies and negotiate resolutions to benefit their country and the world.

What is the UN?

What is the UN?
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What is MUN?

Hopefully you already have an idea as to what Model UN is. It’s a simulation of the United Nations! But there’s much more to it. Model UN , simply put, is a diplomatic competition. Students are, in most cases, assigned countries, and their job is to express their countries beliefs in committee in order to pass favorable resolutions. Students who show the most skills in negotiating, public speaking, paper/resolution writing, and diplomacy are those who receive awards. In general, MUN is used more to foster those skills than to actually simulate the United Nations, especially as our conference is very suitable for first timers

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